Friday, February 03, 2017


I don't do twitter and hardly even Facebook, but I do sometimes follow what's trending on twitter. As is true most days, the tweets mock stupid statements of the Trump administration. The other day the Administration thought it could get millions of Americans joining on the hashtag #thanksdonald, but ordinary people took over with sentences like #thanksdonald for not paying taxes, cheating on your wife, stiffing contractors.

Yesterday the biggest trend on twitter was #bowlinggreenmassacre, the massacre Kellyanne Conway referenced to defend Trump's ban on Muslims. That is the same Conway known for recently coining the term "alternative facts"---though for many years the Republican Right had been liberally utilizing such facts in their fake news. So Twitter lit up with such tweets as: "where were you when you first learned the Bowling Green Massacre didn't happen" and "Brian Williams won a Purple Heart for his service at the Bowling Green Massacre." One of the best tweets defended the term, insisting it actually happened last September when OSU massacred Bowling Green 77-10.

If I had joined the twitter trend yesterday, I might have tweeted about a little-known massacre that, unlike the Bowling Green Massacre, actually occurred---in this instance in Comstock Park 2 years ago---carnage that took the lives of several attic-dwelling raccoons and squirrels. The details are too horrific to put in print, but trust me, Kellyanne, this story, if it had been accurately reported, would not have depended on "alternative facts." Unfortunately, the liberal lame-stream media didn't even cover it.