Friday, January 06, 2017

Spending the Night in Abilene, Texas

It's early January so as usual we're on our way to Big Bend National Park for several days of hiking. We stayed just south of Little Rock last night---heavy traffic much of the way but the roads were mostly clear. Below is the content of an email I just sent to daughter Laura in Greensboro:

We drove through cold weather today (in the teens and twenties), and then going south around Dallas/FW, the wind and snow combined spurred those TX drivers to figure that it was as good a time as any to have a crash------and for no good reason; the pavement was dry and all you had to do was slow down for the swirling snow. Anyway we were delayed for most of 2 hours with flashing lights and long back-ups every several miles.

Okay, I have a QUIZ for you. Identify the pic below. I'm sure you don't need any hints, but I'll give them anyway-----below the pic.

Hint: Dad is talking with a National Park ranger. Got it? Scroll down.

Hint: We stopped by to restore our hope after this awful election season. Keep on scrolling. 

Hint: Birthplace of a man whose scandalous behavior made a prosecutor famous---so famous that he was named president of my alma mater, Baylor University---recently having to resign due to his own cover-up of scandalous behavior of football players.

Birthplace of the man who should have been the nation's first gentleman, that title, as we learned today, snatched away by Putin.

You probably stopped reading even before the first hint. But it was fun restoring our Hope in Hope, AR.