Monday, April 25, 2016

Celebration in Flint

Yesterday we headed east out of the driveway at around noon---destination Central Church of the Nazarene in Flint. The happy celebration at 6 pm was the ordination of my cousin Carolyn Carlton Losey. She is now Rev. Losey, assistant pastor of the Crosswalk Community Church in Westland, MI. I had learned of the event from her Christmas letter but had no contact with her since, that is, until I surprised her before the service in the foyer of the large church, where a dozen others were also being ordained. She was shocked and thrilled. We got to meet her daughter and grandkids as well. All in all a great time. John took this pic amid crowds of people pushing and shoving, thus the blur.

Below are pics from our stop on our way at a little artsy park on the Shiawassee River in the delightful town of Owosso.