Thursday, January 21, 2016

FREE craigslist

Whenever we need sand or gravel or weathered boards, rather than buying them, I check craigslist (in the free category for Grand Rapids area). So every 6 months or year, we are hauling sand or topsoil and not buying it in bags at the local box-store garden center. One day I clicked on and right at the top was free carpet. I was the first to call, and we got 2 very nice area rugs. The owner even helped load them from his garage into our van. Today I clicked on and the top item is irresistible. Too bad, we're at the business and won't be back to Comstock Park until late today. Actually, some poor dog will be the beneficiary, and the owner has no doubt already snatched it up. Here's the exact listing (minus any specific note that the dating might be July 7, 2003):

Meat (Comstock park)
Cleaning out the freezer out dated, freezer burn meat and other things free if interested otherwise it in the trash