Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Concealed Guns at Liberty University

Why, I ask, isn't the Evangelical world (and everyone else) screaming about what Jerry Falwell, Jr. has done at Liberty University---announcing to the student body that the school will help students acquire concealed gun permits---guns to be concealed not only in classroom and administrative buildings but also in the dorms. If I were a parent, I'd get my kid out of there before the fall term ends. So, let's say the terrorist (with concealed gun) comes into a classroom shooting as he runs toward the front. Students on both sides of the aisle pull out their guns and start shooting. They get him. He's dead. But how many additional students are dead and wounded in the crossfire. Do the math. Let's say a terrorist doesn't come. Rather the guy has bought a diamond for his girl. He hears rumors. He catches them in a dark hallway. He's enraged. His hormones are off the radar. He doesn't have to wait until morning to get a permit. He doesn't have to purchase a gun. He shoots. Does he kill one or two, maybe himself as well?  Or, let's say a teacher who has failed a student is in her office. (Actually, that's not a good example.) What teacher would be dumb enough to fail a student when the the campus is loaded with concealed guns?