Monday, December 28, 2015

Can we Declare 10 months of Peace?

Here's a great theme song I've paraphrased for all the Christians who are in the battle against the War on Christmas: "Onward Christmas Soldiers, Marching as to War, with the Cross and Santa going on before."

But let's just put a clamp on it for the next 10 months.
Below is a quote from Ed Simon, "When Christians Led the 'War on Christmas'"
It’s this perennially aggrieved attitude that allows a writer at to claim that the decision of a massive privately-held corporation (normally the heroes in conservative morality-plays) indicates that “Starbucks Red Cups Are Emblematic Of The Christian Culture Cleansing Of The West.”
That at this very moment ISIS is trying to actually ethnically cleanse entire regions of Christians makes the faux-outrage over a cup that happens to not have Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on it all the more obscene. That Mr. Feurstein and his supporters didn’t go a step further and claim that the Starbucks mermaid logo is actually the ancient Philistine deity Dagon is presumably a failure of creativity on their part.