Monday, August 24, 2015

Memorable Sunday without a Camera

Yesterday we biked some 30 miles, from 8 am to 11:15 on the Musketawa Trail from the Fruit Ridge parking lot through the little town of Conklin and on to Ravenna and back. What a beautiful trail that curved up and down hill through cornfields and tunnels of trees, an altogether lovely morning, and we got back before the rain. I commented to John at one point about how incredibly fortunate we are to be in such good health and enjoying exercise so much. That led to a biking discussion of the word fortune and fortunate and John's discourse on Carl Orff's musical composition Carmina Burana, the opening and closing movement of which is "O Fortuna." So when we returned home, I looked up the goddess Fortuna and learned among other things that she was seriously dissed by both St. Augustine and John Calvin. Sunday evening we drove out to Roselle Park in Ada and biked for most of an hour, stopping only to observe a bald eagle and a brilliant sunset against waves of goldenrod and a dark eastern sky. How I wished I had brought the camera along for both excursions. During the rainy afternoon, I made the final corrections on my next book, due to come out in February (Baker Book House).