Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Frigid Weather and a Mystery

On Sunday, despite the deep freeze and wind, John and I took a hike up-river, making our own path along the frozen wetland and woods. There is still open water, as is evident in front of our house, John looking out to the river. Yesterday afternoon when we got home from work, we bundled up and went back, taking clippers with us and cutting our way through the brush that had grown over since we had done it a couple of years ago. So now our hike extends further, and we'll keep taking our clippers. We've simply determined that we won't hide out in the house during sub-zero temps. What I like most about this winter is the sunshine, reminds me of childhood in northern Wisconsin.

The mystery relates to the snow man out on the ice. How did anyone dare to walk out there? Maybe the person slipped through thin ice and the body will turn up near Lake Michigan in the spring. Hope not.