Saturday, January 31, 2015

Odds and Ends

Hard to believe that we've been home from Texas 2 weeks, the days flying by always with too much to do. Last week I got word from my editor that the book I had submitted on the last day of December does not have proper citations. I think the publisher is being way too picky for a non-academic book, and I tried to argue that no one doing a Ph.D. dissertation is going to use my volume as a source. But my opinion doesn't necessarily count for much when it comes to putting out the final product.

We went to see the movie Selma last week, thought it very good and a valuable history lesson. Then this week went to the Civic Theatre downtown to see Mousetrap. John and I had both seen it in London some 30 years ago. Who knows, we could have been at the same show.

Yesterday afternoon when we arrived home, we found a package in the mail from a former colleague of John's at Calvin. What a nice surprise---a CD of the faculty quartet some 4 decades ago (known around campus as 3 johns and a sink; Carl's last name is Sinke). It was a real treat for me since I'd never heard John sing high tenor, and he came through so clearly in his great-voice days. My only disappointment was that these were all fairly sober songs. He tells me they did bang-up harmony on "Elvira" and some of the other old country and pop tunes, but this CD was from a chapel service, though it did feature some lively gospel.

It's been a cold month around here but not much snow. The best news is that the river is near a record low for this time of year. We're not getting giddy yet, but certainly hope that this might point to a year without a flood.