Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five Days at Big Bend

John at Window, a long walk below Lodge
Tomorrow we head home after 5 wonderful days of strenuous hiking at the tip of Texas. We're staying at the Basin Lodge, and every spare minute I spend writing on another book. The final decision to offer me a contract came by email on the second day we were here. I emailed back that I was willing to accept the advance they offered and the deadline date. I was expecting the contract offer and had been working on the computer as John drove most of the way down. Here are some pics of us in the Park.

Lunch on our 9-mile hike up to the Meadows and Boot

Well worth the arduous hike--the BOOT!

John studying the petroglyphs out at the Chimneys

Frost along the roadway

Mid-morning break at Mule Ears Spring

Beaver enjoying a meal at Santa Elena Canyon

Remains of an old ranch house near the Canyon

Yours truly at Balanced Rock