Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Week of Family Gatherings

Last Friday evening we met Sarah, John and the kids at Meijer Gardens for their Christmas event and ate together in the cafe; the weather was good and we had a great time walking around the grounds and along the boardwalk. Then on Monday afternoon we drove to Saginaw to see my brother David, Sharon, their kids and families on the occasion of the death of Sharon's mother. On Tuesday, after John visited his mother and mother-in-law, he went to another funeral home to pay his respects to his brother-in-law on the death of his mother. Today, we visited John's mom, and this evening had dinner with Kayla and Ariel preparing chicken and fixings at the condo. Carlton joined in. On Saturday, we will be going to John's first in-law's family for a late Christmas gathering, and next week we will be hosting John's sister Mary and taking grandson Mitch out to dinner to launch him on his second semester of college.