Thursday, September 11, 2014

10th Anniversary Get-Away

We spent last Sunday/Monday on Mackinac Island, perfect weather, wonderful half-price lodging (after Labor Day) and big disappointment that I forgot to transfer my camera into the backpack before we got on the ferry with our bikes. So, I purchased a throw-away camera and am hoping to get the developed pictures back next week. On our return drive to Grand Rapids, we visited Hardwick Pines State Park, where old-growth white pines (200-300 years old) tower over our heads. It was our first visit, and we will return. The rustic chapel adds to the park's ambiance.

On Tuesday, John and I performed a major engineering project at the Gardens. We bickered about how to do it and finally combined our best concepts, and it worked. Here is pictured the old potting shed that had sunk into the dirt and rotted. How to jack it up and put a better foundation under it was the issue. We purchased a 4x8 piece of treated plywood and then used some of our 4x4 posts, strung a chain around the shed, hooked it up to our Element, and inched away. It worked--though not without a few complications. John will now do the necessary repairs and wait for it to sink back into the dirt in another 10 years.