Friday, August 22, 2014

A Good Week

It's been a good week, lots of people stopping by the shop, but both of us managing to get a lot of work done amid sales and people just wanting to talk. I'm making good progress on my next book and should have no difficulty making the December 31 deadline.  Last Sunday we packed the bikes in our vehicle and drove to Roselle Park near Ada, a dozen miles or so from our house. It has nice paths through a wetland and along the Grand River. Here I am taking a bit of a rest before snapping the beautiful goldenrod, bringing back memories of farm life in Wisconsin.We also had a nice evening this week with John's childhood friend Murray and his wife Lois, who came to our house for dinner, Lois bearing a beautiful bouquet she picked from her garden.

This last picture is one I took on our way to the Gardens the other day. A truck driver was taking the Beltline exit off 196 too fast. If I were a truck driver that would be me---always in too much of a hurry. Fortunately, this hurried guy wasn't hurt.