Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Discussions on Death

John and I very naturally speak of our upcoming deaths---hopefully not too soon. It occurred to me the other day that upon my death, Grand Rapids would be a long way for my siblings to travel on short notice, should I predecease them. We are spread out from Boston to Seattle. So I told John that (were I to predecease him) I would like a small private graveside service here in Grand Rapids, where my plot is located (next to his, and those of his two dearly departed wives, Ruth and Myra), and then have a family memorial in Wisconsin for any of my siblings or nieces and nephews who would like to come. He would arrange it in nice weather and it would double as a little family reunion. I would want anyone present to toss wild flowers (or wildflower wreathes) into the river at our favorite family bridge. There would, of course, be opportunity for anyone to leave a message on a funeral service memory website. I would have the same kind of memorial for John at the river for any of my relatives who would like to meet me there rather than coming to Grand Rapids at the time of his death. Who knows maybe my sibs will get wind of this idea and all make similar plans. It’s time to think about such things now that we’re ranging in age from 74 down to almost 60.