Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Snowy Tax Day

For most people April 15 is just another day. For me, with the complications of a business and a too-busy tax lady (who knows our general situation inside and out), it means sleepless nights and then filing extensions for state and federal governments with checks for both 2013 and 2014 for estimated tax payments. I just wrote the 4 checks and John is off getting the coupons and getting them mailed. We woke up this morning to more than two inches of snow and the temperature all day to hover in the 30s. I remember so well this week 18 years ago, having just bought the property for the business and trying to get major excavation work done with inspectors poking around, and at the same time getting ready for family to fly in from Rhode Island to Seattle for Carlton's April 20 wedding. My life was a mess, but it was a very early beautiful spring and the trees were all leafed out. Now I judge every spring by the size of the leaves on that date. This year we don't even have buds. Above is the river back-lit by the sunset. Below is today's snowfall at the Gardens.