Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ice Jam Flood?

This morning we woke up to an open river, no ice as far as we could see. That seemed very strange since it was iced-over with big chunks sticking up when we'd gone to bed. Within an hour after we were up, though, we started seeing huge ice sheets, logs, limbs, trees and a tire going by at what seemed like about 3 miles an hour. We knew immediately that such things don't simply make their way out to Lake Michigan and that an ice jam was probably inevitable. I'm at the business right now; John just called from home saying the road is still dry. But the NOAA website certainly gives the impression that we're right in the middle of an ice flood with the river rising rapidly. According to the prediction, we'll have almost a foot and a half of water over the road by the time we get home this afternoon. We've got our waders in the car, and I've warned Alex to be ready to get out of the cottage in a hurry with Dr. Ike (her cat).