Monday, January 27, 2014

Scarves, Stocking Caps and Foxes

I received an email this morning from a West Michigan friend. Her first words were: "This winter has just been AWFUL! No other way to describe it."  I feel for her; she's a single mom trying to make a living in sales and this weather is not helping at all. Fortunately, we don't have to make a living in sales. We do get tired of shoveling six inches of snow everyday, though. We've never had a winter like this since we opened the business in 1996. We try to make the best of it and today I offered a little humor to travelers by putting these metal foxes out by the road with hats and scarves.  They're for sale for $52 (another $3 for the hat), but no takers. Hadn't really expected any business. If high winds and bitter cold was not enough to keep people away, our small parking lot cramped with huge snow piles was. When we weren't shoveling, we indexed the book. And amazingly, we did have a customer stop by and purchase some wall hangings.