Saturday, January 18, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Eleven days, 10 nights on the road is enough for both of us. How we love to get back home again. We drove into our driveway before 4 pm yesterday and were at the business before 10 am this morning. The basement is dry and very little damage from the flooding. Besides that good news and the good news that my arm continues to heal is the good news that our trusty vehicle gave us no problem during this trip of slightly over 4,000 miles. It's a 2005 Honda Element. We went over the 226,000 mile mark as we were approaching Grand Rapids. We basically hate the vehicle, which we purchased new 9 years ago, but it simply won't die so we keep driving it and using it as a truck. The tail lights are held together with duct tape and the tail pipe with a coat hanger. We stuff paper napkins across the top of the passenger-side (as the picture shows) when we drive to keep the air-flow noise down and more duct tape across the outside of the top of the windshield, also for noise control. It has dents on the driver's side caused by a woman who side-swiped me---never fixed the dent but got money from her insurance company, money that has paid for more than a couple of sets of new tires.