Sunday, January 12, 2014

Another Eventful Day

We stayed in Fort Stockton, Texas last night where I snapped this picture that says everything about the town---out in the middle of nowhere with a few scattered trees here and there, oil wells, windmills, and train tracks heading into the sunset. This morning we were in Big Bend National Park by 9 am, and below you see John with Dog Canyon in the background; it was our first hike of the day just 4 miles. Our room wasn't ready when we arrived at the lodge, so we bummed around for a while and then took our second 5-mile hike down to the Window, which is the "V" at the center of the blue sky picture. On the way back we saw Casa Grande up above us---the massive square of rock rising into the heavens.

I had a little mishap on the way down to the window---no ordinary stumble. I took a dozen steps trying to get my balance before gravity won. John said I looked like a tail back trying to get through the defensive linemen, but I was on a rocky trail with a steep incline. The moment my boot got caught on a root I knew I was in trouble. John helped me up and we continued on but I was in a lot of pain, and that really zapped my energy. But we got back okay and after a shower and dinner, I'm feeling better and am eager to get to bed and get out on the trails again in the morning. I have bloody bruises on my knee and left wrist, but my right forearm got the worst of it, as my selfie shows.

Below are the really honkin' boots that I was wearing, the one with the open toe that got caught in the root. I purchased the expensive boots below more than a year ago but after only a few miles my feet start killing me. So I just keep adding duct tape to my comfy old boots.