Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week in White

It seems like we spent most of the past week shoveling snow at both the house and business. It's good exercise, we tell ourselves. It keeps us fit. We hope so. It's snowed 3-4 inches every day and we're just glad it didn't dump 2 feet at a time like some folks got it. So it's been a week in white---and a week of white-knuckling it if we listen to the National Weather Service and local outlets. They give us frequent ice-jam warnings. There's not much we can do but live in a constant state of fear which after a while simply goes with the territory. And the territory is beautiful no matter what season of the year. This morning after shoveling an hour, I snapped these photos in their natural black and white. The one to the right is up-river where there is much open water. Below is the ice-covered down-river.