Thursday, December 19, 2013

Please Contact Media in Behalf of Hope Carpenter

I'm still posting on the Hope Carpenter Blog every week (a story I began tracking on this blog more than 9 weeks ago). Here are phone numbers and emails for the Greenville News. I called this morning and left a message. If you care about Hope, please leave messages. We know that if she had put her husband Ron in a mental institution in isolation for a year (or done worse), the media would be onto it big time. Why is the media silent when the ordeal (or crime) relates to her? The holidays are here in less than a week. Why is she not available to spend time with her family---especially her kids? Please, folks, do your part and fill these answering machines and email accounts with messages. All we want is for the reporters to investigate. If Hope Carpenter is safe and where she wants to be, we want to know.

Greenville News Online

City Desk

Dykes, David Reporter 864-298-4273

Riddle, Lyn (864) 298-4860

Community Reporters

Allen, Cheryl P. Community Reporter 864-298-4026

Alongi, Paul Golden Strip Reporter 864-298-4746

Jones, Katie Greer/Taylors Reporter (864) 298-4479

Rose, Julie Howle Pickens County Reporter 864-298-4303

Walker, Donna Isbell City People Writer 864-298-4473