Friday, October 04, 2013

Childhood Memories

My two sisters and brother and families all congregated today at the Best Western Motel in Spooner, which is located on the Yellow River that meanders downstream 10 miles to the farm where I grew up. We spent most of the day visiting old haunts and hiking and catching up on news. Here are some family pics, including one of John and me standing in front of the old 1950 Chevy that was our mode of transportation when I was a child. We stopped by the Round Barn a neighborhood landmark and were disappointed to find it in disrepair, though the cows looked to be in good shape, especially when Kayla is part of the scene. We also stopped by the little Green Grove Church where John snapped a picture of Carlton, Kayla, my sister Kathy and me, and then I snapped the outhouse still standing in back of the church.