Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Crass Exploitation on Facebook

By John C. Dvorak
BERKELEY, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Why does anyone think that Facebook “likes” have any meaning whatsoever? To me, it’s the height of stupidity to ever click “like” or pay any attention to the idea that something has a lot of likes.

I don't do Facebook, though someone told me I have an account out there somewhere in cyberspace. But I would agree with Dvorak, though if anyone wants to brag about "likes" it doesn't much bother me-----unless it's appalling exploitation of a tragedy.

The Christian Reformed Church is a small denomination and it was announced a month ago that one of our well-known pastors was missing. I didn't know him well but I always admired him for his outspoken opinions. He is 70, retired, and apparently struggling with depression. He rode off on his bike on July 5 and hasn't been seen or heard from since, taking only his meds with him. It's been reported in the news in the Detroit area.

Recently someone agreed to set up a Facebook page regarding his situation and calling for help in searching for him. The BANNER magazine promoted the page. But now recently, it appears that the author is far more interested in promoting himself than helping to find this minister. Last night his post was truly pathetic: "I have over 700 likes on this page and would love to see this on my other page. Please join this page and share it. Will be announcing new info on how u can help soon."