Monday, July 22, 2013

Life Goes On

On April 8 we laid Dad (Al Kraker, John's second father-in law) to rest. Family came from as far as Ohio. We all gathered again this past Friday night when Keri Kraker married Josh. So here we are less than 4 months later and we're all celebrating. How Dad would have enjoyed it---his darling little great-granddaughter tying the knot . Here is Mom and Keri, Mom, 95, Keri more than 70 years younger. It's impossible to say which one is the most beautiful!

We had another celebration on Saturday night. Since the Ohio gang was already here, Mom's son and daughter-in-law picked the date to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. Ivan and Judy Kraker are Keri's grandparents. They are standing at the far end of the table. John is standing off to the right. It was a great weekend for all of us.