Wednesday, May 01, 2013


How we rejoiced yesterday when the power was turned back on at both the house and cottage. Our condo down town however is still dark. Last night we put 5 fans on in each house and we turned the heat up (even though the heat of summer has suddenly arrived!). That will dry things out more than a dehumidifier. John is back on the trail now, and he will open all the windows and straighten some things up. Saturday night will be our first night back home. Our bedroom is up in the loft so it will be fun to be home, even though most things won't be back together yet. With the wetlands so waterlogged, it doesn't take much rain to get the flood right back up to where it was.

John is a real celebrity since yesterday. Mlive interviewed and videoed him. You can catch him here. The article says he is 72, but anyone who knows him realizes right away that 72 is the new 50 (in dog years or something). Things have worked out well. We get a plan going and partner up on whatever job it is, and just get it done. This is actually the first time in our almost 9-year marriage that we have faced a serious problem that required our teaming up in crisis mode. I would have said 2 weeks ago that he was an over-the-top fantastic husband, but now I know for sure from personal experience. This picture kind of says it all. That's my man!