Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Rough Road Home

The best part of a trip, we always say, is coming back home. This time it was extra special after a long 2-day trip from Ft. Myers. Last night a 9:30 we were lost in Atlanta. I don't do well when I'm lost---get very frustrated. How on earth could anyone get lost going through that city on 75 is a complete mystery, except for the fact that John was navigating. I was doing perfectly well, when suddenly he's shouting for me to cross over 4 lanes from the far left lane to one of the right lanes. I protested, but in the confusion became an obedient wife and we eventually ended up in a residential area. I was so mad that I insisted he ask for directions when we finally found a gas station. Like most men, he finds that beneath him, but he wasn't about to upset me further. When we finally got back on the road and got to the north side of Atlanta where we had been planning to spend the night, I just kept on driving---more than 100 miles more just to get myself calmed down. Didn't get to bed until well after midnight. Got up at 6 am and spent the day fighting wind and snow. Oh, so good to be back home!

One last pic from Florida. Kayla sent it to me. Every year we spend time at a little park North of Ft. Myers Beach at the end of the island looking for gopher tortoises and have spotted one once burrowed deep in its hole (which can be a tunnel as much as 20 feet long and a foot wide and high). After John and I left for home yesterday, Carlton and Kayla went back to the park and to their great delight they spotted one. What a treat.