Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yesterday was a great day. After more than a year of hard work, I submitted some 400 pages of hardcopy (more than 197,000 words) to my editor. This morning I sent the 24 chapters to him electronically. What a huge relief. The title is: The Biographical Bible: From Adam and Eve to John of Patmos. But, even though that title came from a Baker Book house insider, a committee at the end of the day could decide it's not right. I like the title and I'll fight for it. The most surprising thing about this book is that no one has ever written it before. There are lots of encyclopedic books that cover characters from A to Z, but no one has done it in a chronological fashion. The next step is the editing process, hoping to have the book in my hands a year from now.

It will be great to relax a little and get some much needed tasks done at the Gardens. Writing and shop-keeping, however, suit me fine. I've been saddled with a very short attention span, so writing for 15 minutes, waiting on customers, and weeding works well.

Here is a picture of Adeline, Pearl and Hilda. They are named for my three late aunts (sisters of my father)---named appropriately since I knew these aunts about as well as I know these fish. As a poor farm family, we thought them citified and somewhat snooty. Cold fish? I thought so, but I speak only for myself.