Sunday, May 13, 2012


We are moving out of our adolescent period into full adulthood by putting our houseboat up for sale. Four years ago when we were young and foolish we made a rash decision and bought a wonderful houseboat located at the beautiful Hardy Dam Marina. We have had some incredibly pleasant times, just the two of us, as well as with family. But with books to write and a shop to operate, we simply don't have time to drive the 45 minutes north to be on the water. (After all, in flood season we are already living on an island. Do we really need a houseboat?) So it is with great sadness on my part and great relief on John's that we are offering it to anyone out there who wants a great deal.  Check out my new blog here or simply google: Hardy Dam Houseboat. This is a glimpse of what we're giving up.