Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Michigan's Republican Primary

It is the big day for Romney and Santorum to finally face off in Michigan. Every evening when we return home there are at least a half dozen robo-calls among our messages. What a relief tomorrow will be (Leap Day 2012)! I just noticed this little piece on Romney. I'd seen the quote before, but this time it has a commentary at the end that is just too funny. We all thought George W had issues with word-speak. Now here's Romney following suit. (It is, however, comforting to know that amid all the other problems Michigan is enduring, at least our trees are the right height.)

There’s awkward, and then there’s Mitt Romney. He speaks English fluently. Conversational English?. . .In November, the scope of Mitt Romney’s awkward remarks was wider still, including things like grass color: “Everything seems right here. You know, I come back to Michigan; the trees are the right height. The grass is the right color for this time of year, kind of a brownish-greenish sort of thing. It just feels right."
What? Kind of a brownish-greenish sort of thing? In general, when you find yourself in kind of a brownish-greenish sort of thing, stop walking and clean off your shoe.