Sunday, January 01, 2012

Looking Back

New Year's Day is a time of reflection for me and I'm always glad to be going into an even year. Odd years have been particularly bad for me, even years good: 1969, my mother was killed in an auto accident; 1974, Carlton was born; 1975 and 1977 very bad years of learning I'd been betrayed; 1978, moving to Grand Rapids and beginning my teaching career; 1982, beginning my wonderful 17-year teaching career at Trinity, flying back and forth to Chicago;  1987, more betrayal; 1996, Kayla was born; 2000, beginning as full-time professor at Calvin Seminary; 2003, the beginning of a firing process by new president and sidekicks; 2004, engaged and married to the man of my dreams. Since then, the years have all been good (though this past year John did endure a painful betrayal). So, my superstitious nature has me headed for a wonderful year.

We've had a great 2011 at Carlton Gardens with people coming in every day raving about how wonderful the place is inside and out. This past week we went to 4 good movies: Sherlock Holmes, Higher Ground, War Horse, and Moneyball; I recommend them all. Here is a snap of us in the middle of a hike last week.