Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Skiing of the Year

We finally have enough snow to get out skiing---went on a trail just a block away but have to drive 4 miles since it's across the river from our house. Not very many people out today, so we were making our own path part of the time. I go ahead to set the pace and John follows on my nicely groomed trail. What a deal! Snow was hanging from the trees and part of the way is through a deep thicket. We kept remarking about the incredibly beautiful scenery. Here he is just as we are starting out. We finished on a sad note. A woman had lost her dog on the trail and then her daughter had come to help search and got stuck in a deep ditch. We drove along the road bordering the wetland park, hoping to catch sight of the dog---no luck. Nice scenery, though, especially this old falling down house.