Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Value of Art

A woman came into the shop the other day, pacing back and forth in front of this painted board that hangs over the fireplace in the barn. She really wanted it, kept talking about it to another woman who was with her. I have no price tag on it and told her it really wasn't for sale. But she kept persisting so finally I told her to name her price and I would tell her whether or not I'd consider it. So after looking around in all the other buildings she came inside with some other little things she wanted to purchase. After I finished waiting on some other customers she told me she had decided she could afford $40.00.  I told her (in a very nice way) that I couldn't let it go for that. Then she came back again yesterday, commenting that she'd sure like to buy it in case I'd changed my mind. I didn't tell her that the wood and paint cost well over $10 and that it took me probably upwards of 30 hours to complete, albeit watching TV at the same time. But at any rate, her offer would have paid me about a dollar an hour for my time. This is what is known by the term starving artist. Someday when I'm world famous, she'll regret she didn't offer more for an early Tucker. Actually, I've had several people tell me that wanted the piece. Maybe I'll stage a bidding war!