Sunday, October 30, 2011

Alpaca Show

John always goes out to the mailbox early on Sunday morning to get the local paper and then comes up to the loft while I'm still in bed and reads headlines and some of the stories aloud to me. This morning, the one that caught my attention was headlined "Cuddly alpaca pack 'em in" that told about the 15th annual festival  just a few miles away at the DeltaPlex. The call of these creatures was just too strong, so we headed off to walk through aisles of alpaca pens rather than walking down the aisle of church to find the right pew. (We're planning to go to the Reformation hymn sing at church tonight, so this turned into a wonderful alternative worship service  by admiring these most delightful creatures.)

What charmers they are. I'm a goat lover from way back, but alpacas now have a place in my heart as well. Turns out that Michigan is leading region for alpaca farms.The show was free, but the items for sale were very pricey. Here I am, pictured above, with a friend I met along the way. This adorable guy didn't even come out of his pen to greet me.