Thursday, September 22, 2011

Writing Mode--writing grind

For the past month I've been averaging more than a thousand words a day---part of the process of fulfilling another book contract. I go into "writing mode" with that kind of daily word count for every book I write and it never gets any easier. Some people set aside 6-8 specified hours a day; I can't do that with my short attention span, but I force myself to write words throughout the day.

The schedule doesn't mean we don't have fun. The other night we were out biking, hiking and kayaking and about 10 days ago got away for two nights (computer in tow). We went north along Michigan's beautiful shoreline and stayed near Petosky in Bayview, an educational community owned by the Methodist church, founded in the late nineteenth century. The beautiful Victorian homes are part of the draw.  We stayed "on campus" at the old Terrace Inn shown above. Below is an old Victorian house.