Saturday, May 21, 2011

Snow in May, the Rapture and Gardening

I arrived at Carton Gardens today---70 degrees Fahrenheit---to find snow on the ground.  Well not really, but it looked like it and perhaps fitting for the Day of the Rapture which the news media has been giving way too much coverage.  The snow falls from our cottonwoods.  We love these tall stately trees (that most customers call birch).  Love them, all but for the last 10 days of May.
As for the Rapture, I suppose multimillionaire 89-year-old Harold Camping deserves his 15 minutes of fame.  He used to live nearby in Michigan with his priceless collection of old Bibles and manuscripts.  A decade ago my colleagues at Calvin Seminary went over to his Lake Michigan estate to check them out; I should have gone along, considering his newly found celebrity.  I'm now planting gardens---over 200 plants in the last 3 days---not worried that they'll be left without tending.  I'm sure by Camping's standards, I'll be one of the billions left behind.