Friday, March 04, 2011

We just returned home from a 2-day trip to Chicago where I lectured last night to a group of students at Moody Church, founded by the great D.L. Moody himself.  Our first stop after we arrived was the Art Institute, getting our yearly fix on the great masterpieces.  Then off to our Crowne Plaza Hotel right of the Michigan Mile and then my evening of work while John enjoyed Old Town which is right in the neighborhood of the church.  Late this morning we drove a few miles to a 5th-floor condo in a wonderful old neighborhood in Lincoln Park to have lunch with Hutz, Lynne and Hiley Hertzberg.  Hutz is the executive minister of Moody church and has been a dear friend for twenty years, since he was a student of mine at Trinity Divinity School, and Lynne since they married several years ago in Dallas, a beautiful wedding I was privileged to attend.  Here we are, Hutz being the photographer.