Monday, February 14, 2011

We spent the day meandering through Alabama and Georgia and are staying the night at the George T. Bagby State Park Lodge.  What a beautiful place it is.  All is well back home with Geoff (our friend and next door neighbor) watching the house and Missy minding the shop.  This has been partly a "buying trip" with our stoping at every thrift and second-hand store along the way-----filling the car way too full of wonderful inexpensive items for the shop.  We left Sunday morning after taking granddaughter Kayla to Kentwood Community Church.  Carlton, who is already on the road, will join us in Florida tomorrow at Suwannee River State Park where we've reserved a cabin (same one we've stayed at before); then we'll head south for a night and will meet Kayla who will be flying down Thursday morning to spend the weekend with us in our favorite spot near Ft. Meyers before we all head home.  Today we spent a few hours at our absolutely favorite southern town, Eufaula, Alabama.  As you drive in from the north, the road turns into a wonderful boulevard lined with historic mansions and shaded by sprawling live oaks.   We love the town and think that someday we ought to own a little cottage there.  We have our eye on one we've seen before located right on the Chattahoochee River.  We called the owner whose phone number was on the for sale sign.  Turns out it's only $240,000.  It's an old jail.  He told us where the key was and we went inside------absolutely beautiful.  Two problems:  way too high priced and 10 years before we're ready to get a half-time home in Eufaula.  Below is one of the many mansions that is not for sale; also the little jail we won't be buying and a sunset pic John took near the lodge where we're staying tonight.  Note the full moon between the pines.  It was romantic, and Valentine's Day, no less.