Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I'm not sure if I've ever gone to 2 movies in 2 days, let alone 6 in a row. But there are a lot of good movies out there and we are fortunate to have a theater in town that keeps some movies around for a few months. We loved every one of them and find it hard to rate one above another.

Christmas Day: "Up in the Air"---went with our kids Laura and Bob and we all loved it.
Saturday: "It's Complicated"---Meryl Streep was great as ususal.
Sunday: "Invictus"---an inspiring perspective on Nelson Mandela
Monday: "The Serious Man"---Fantastic, if you appreciate the nuance of the Coen Brothers
Tuesday: "Julie and Julia"---great fun; see it before it leaves the theaters.
Wednesday: "The Education"---good period piece---1960s in the UK