Friday, December 18, 2009


Carlton recently pointed out that when he'd googled my name pics showed up on the screen, including one of me that I posted, showing my hair looked so awful that I was compelled to stay home from church (See below, 4-27-08). Maybe the last entry I posted with me and a dead possum and rifle will get there as well. AND, if I'm lucky this one will soon appear.

Friend Sarah from London wrote this on her blog (4-4-08): "I was looking for something quick to draw before bedtime, and started giggling over my friend's March 1st blog entry about skiing topless. She got kicked out of her teaching job at an ultra-conservative Calvinist seminary awhile back, but I'm sure I have no idea why."

Sarah illustrated a recently-released children's book. From a reviewer: "must be the most revolting picture book of the year! Morris the Mankiest Monster just gets worse and worse as you read aloud the rhyming text, snot, ear wax,'s really hard to keep going. This book needs a warning to parents - they're going to have to read it over and over again - children will absolutely love it."