Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This evening, thanks to my friend Darlene Cate, I have begun working on a brand new Nintendo DS with Brain Age-1 inserted. I started out on a little color test with a brain age of 80, but after giving my brain a real workout got down to a brain age of 30. My math skills are improving as well---got down to 33 seconds on one of the little tests. Darlene is 80 with a brain age less than half that. When we visited her and Kathy in Denver in September, they immediately recognized that we were good candidates for some serious brain exercise.

This afternoon Carlton and Kayla were with us for an early Thanksgiving dinner and nice hike in the woods. John and Carlton played pool---5 games; They are very competitive, but John manged to pull it off, winning the last 3.

Life is very good and VERY full these days. We've had wonderful October weather for the past 3 weeks which has allowed us to get a lot of work done outside---especially at Carlton Gardens. I've been out in the back cutting brush and love every minute of it. All 24 chapters of the church history text have been submitted to my Zondervan editor and I'm just waiting for him to reply; in the meantime I have been writing some encyclopedia articles that are due December 1.

Tomorrow we head up north to spend a couple of days at our little farm and do some hiking. Billie holds down the fort at Carlton Gardens when I'm gone.