Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Got Taken

John and I drove to Detroit Metro this afternoon to catch a 6:20 am flight to San Diego. We're spending the night in a motel that we were promised would cost us $62, including our parking for the 4+ days we'll be gone. When we arrived the deal was off, the guy at the desk claiming that he has no control over what Expedia offered me--an offer I had gotten through an 800 #. I asked him if this happened often and he admitted that it did; I asked why they didn't break the partnership with Expedia and he didn't know. When I called Expedia, they told me to call Hotels.com. I finally got through to Stephanie, who acted as though my problem was a routine matter. After a lot of complaining I got a $60 hotel voucher. So the moral of the story is beware. And, if you get taken, call, complain, and demand justice.