Friday, November 14, 2008

The book came out this week and will be on the store shelves before Christmas and perfect timing for the worst recession in the history of humankind. Baker Books will take the hit on this one; I've already received both halves of my advance.

I keep plugging away at the Church History Text, working now on chapter 24, the final chapter. Next week I'll be starting with chapter 1, going over it and all the other chapters for errors and omissions and then John will give it the first proof-reading before it goes to my editor at Zondervan. In the meantime, I spend 3-4 days a week at Carlton Gardens, mainly writing during this economic downturn----not too many customers come by. And, we manage to have some fun. Last night we were out on the river kayaking in the moonlight. Today we took in a matinee of the movie "Changeling"---good acting but not exactly what you'd call a "feel-good" flick, as "Mama Mia" was.