Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Quick Cure for Poison Ivy

I've been suffering with a bad case of poison ivy this week, but last night for a few hours the poison ivy misery vanished. The pain of a dog bit overcame it. I was walking along the road passing a house 2 doors up-river when a pit bull suddenly rushed across the wide lawn and clenched his teeth into my leg right through my jeans. The owner has an electric fence, but this dog is her boy friend's and apparently does not have a collar for the fence. Blood started spurting from my leg, and John rushed me to a med center. They took me in ahead of those in the waiting room and a wonderful doctor fixed me up after an x-ray showed the bite had not gone to the bone. There were five puncture wounds, only one really deep. He put a needle in each one twice to get me numb and then pumped a saline solution into each wound. So I'm on vicadin and on the mend. Such incidents have to be reported. Hopefully this dog will not be around to do other people in. The doctor said mine was an easy case in comparison to some children he's had with chewed-up faces. If this incident, now reported, will prevent a child from such harm, I'm very thankful it happened to me.