Thursday, January 17, 2008

January Kayaking

The weather has not offered good skiing in the past couple of weeks so we went kayaking on the cold almost-flood-stage river. The current was very strong but we paddled against it up stream past dozens of houses and then swiftly floated back.

It was great to turn my manuscript in to Baker. The title is now: "Leadership Reconsidered: Becoming a Person of Influence." It was not my first choice, but fortunately I got them to back down on their first choice which implied the opposite of what the book is about. Now I'm ploughing ahead on my church history text for Zondervan, averaging close to 2000 words a day this week. I already had a good start on it, but this will be 3-4 times as long as the leadership book. I'm hoping to finish up by early fall. I spend my days at the shop (Carlton Gardens), and with few customers this time a year manage accomplish a lot while having a good time. Today I was working on early monasticism, specifically Anthony of Egypt and Benedict. Did you know that St. Anthony is the patron saint of infectious diseases--specifically herpes zoster, known commonly as shingles. I should have known that a year ago when I was suffering from that miserable malady! Here he is-----The SAINT OF SHINGLES!