Monday, November 05, 2007


Here is my letter to the Grand Rapids PRESS in today's paper:

It was sad to read about Calvin College not permitting Denise Isom to find her church family with Messiah Missionary Baptist Church, a landmark faith community in Grand Rapids ("Calvin to oust Baptist prof," Press, Oct. 31). As a Calvin faculty member, she is required to join a church with the “right” Reformed theology, with no consideration for where she might find fellowship most conducive for worshipping God. Her options? She can attend a white, mostly Dutch-American church or one of the very rare Reformed multi-cultural churches in town. But Caucasian faculty are not forced into these limited options such as an African-American or multi-cultural church. The Calvin community just doesn’t get it, as I discovered when I, as the only woman faculty member (and an outsider), was hounded out of the Seminary. They just don’t get it.