Thursday, August 30, 2007


In past years I would have been hunkered down preparing for fall-term courses. No longer. In the midst of book-writing and conference lecture preparation, I'm enjoying life to the fullest. Last evening our friends Judy and Les (7 doors down river) called and asked us to join them on their pontoon. We live about a mile up-river from Fifth-Third Ballpark, and it was a home game with fireworks. We slowly drifted down stream, picking up Sharon (Judy's sister) on the way. We had the best seats for the show, and good conversation and refreshments besides. What fun. This photo is the best John's camera would do.

This afternoon we drove up to Rouge River Park and put our kayaks in and arrived back at our house in 2 hours. What a beautiful river the Rouge is--though shallow this time of year.