Tuesday, December 05, 2006

THE BANNER (December 2006)

I just received an email asking if I was going to comment on the recent news story in the BANNER about my situation at CTS. I've been out of town and I've been waiting responses from some key individuals. Three have responded--all kindly, but with no power (or will) to do anything. I was also waiting to see if the BANNER would contact me with an apology.

My response in one sentence to what was reported: This is a continuation of 4 years of dishonesty by the those involved and those covering for them.

They can get by with these lies and they take advantage of that opportunity; that's the only way I can explain it. The BANNER reporter says in one paragraph that the administrators can't speak, "citing confidentiality" and in another paragraph quoting Sid Jansma, Jr. (CTS Board president) "that this was aired in front of everyone" (an outright falsehood). Now how can an honest reporter include both statements without asking questions? Someone's lying. But beyond that Sid claims I was "awarded back wages." That, too, is a blatant falsehood. I have never been offered or given "back wages" or "retroactive pay to 2003" (as the mediators called for). There are pay stubs and a salary history that prove beyond a doubt that this is a lie.

But apparently nobody in the CRC is going to challenge them and they will perhaps get away with this blatant dishonesty.

It continues to be a sad day for CTS and the CRC.

I might add that the BANNER also labeled me "Rev. Ruth Tucker." Is that official? Can I now marry, bury, and baptize?

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