Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I was just asked how many hits I'd gotten on my Calvin Seminary site. I do have a TypePad counter, and if I add up all the hits, it comes to over 15,000. But that's not necessarily accurate. The TypePad counter was down for a few days (including the day after the front page article appeared in the Grand Rapids Press), but then there are other factors that could bring the total number down somewhat. This BLOGGER site also has a number counter but to get a count of all the hits there is a charge (through another Internet service), and I'm just too cheap! The number of daily hits on "My Calvin Seminary Story" had been dropping until 2 days ago (when the Christianity Today article appeared in the hard-copy edition). Today, interestingly, I have been getting more hits on my site "Calvin Seminary Shamed" (at than "My Calvin Seminary Story."

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