Saturday, November 11, 2006


I got an email today reminding me of the Christianity Today review of my most recent book: "Left Behind in A Megachurch World brims with fascinating accounts of small, 'left behind' churches quietly doing Christlike ministry--often despite conflicts, dysfunction, and rundown facilities. These stories, some from Tucker's early, painful years as a pastor's wife in two fundamentalist churches, make the book highly engaging."

But this minister's wife who emailed me also made reference to a news story in this same November 2006 issue of CT, pp. 26-27 (which was too brief to cover the story adequately, but basically fair as far as it went). Her comment: "It is my belief that too much time is spent fighting issues that will never be resolved while Christ's work and purpose are ignored."

I responded that it is never an easy decision to become involved in "fighting issues." But Paul certainly was not ignoring "Christ's work" while he took up issues with the Church at Corinth. Indeed, he was doing Christ's work even while he was "fighting issues."