Friday, September 15, 2006


We were sitting in the stands tonight (with son Carlton and granddaughter Kayla) watching the hometown team (in Comstock Park, 1 mile from our house) win the championship. Not exactly a nail-biter, but a great last game of the season for this class-A farm team for the Tigers (who also had a big win tonight).


  1. This does not relate to the current post. I just want to say I enjoyed the discussion you and John gave at Calvin Church last Sunday.
    This may interest you. My son, Bruce, introduced me to Cakewalk Music Creator and to midi files. I have since used them to create accompaniment for my harmonica playing. Several years ago I visited him in S D, CA and brought along a midi file of Lead Me, Guide Me and played it for him. He asked where did that come from? I said right out of the Psalter. He couldn't believe that song could be in the Psalter and went to his bookcase and got out the Psalter and sure enuf there it was. Even more interesting he saw that it was written by a lady living in S D he tuned pianos for. She has since died.
    Now contrary to John. When we sing Lead etc. Ken Boss always accompanies on the piano rather than the organ, and he does it with a "swing" tempo, and frankly I like it that way better. Maybe that's because of my love for dancing.

  2. Oops I forgot one thing. Don Fransisco:
    You might visit this site.